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RAM Monitor Gadget icon Keep track of the current memory (RAM) that's being used by the computer with the help of this simple and straightforward utility

Having a RAM monitor nearby comes in handy for quickly checking the current memory that's being used by the computer while you're playing a game or loading an application which you suspect to be resource-demanding. With the aid of such a program, it's possible to determine the cause of RAM hogs and decide the best course of action to take next.

RAM Monitor Gadget is a tiny Windows utility made for users interested in a simple and straightforward software solution for keeping an eye out for the system memory. Aside from some customization options, the app doesn't come bundled with any other settings, ideal for those who don't want to trouble themselves over complicated features they're likely to never use.

Keep track of the currently used memory

The only noteworthy aspect about setup is that RAM Monitor Gadget offers to automatically run every time you turn on the computer. However, this option can be disabled if you wish to deploy it manually, only when needed.

The program creates an icon in the systray at launch and shows a small, plain window with a graph that represents the RAM usage. Beneath it is data with the current and total used memory.

View a graph and data about RAM usage

By opening the right-click menu of the systray icon, you can access the configuration panel of the RAM monitoring tool, in order to customize background color and font, as well as to adjust the transparency level of the panel with the RAM graph. This configuration can be reset to default any time.

We haven't experienced any compatibility issues with the newest Windows version in our tests. RAM Monitor Gadget can be easily operated by any users who want to keep an eye out of used memory. Nevertheless, it features only basic options.

Monitor RAM Memory monitor Monitor memory RAM Monitor Memory RAM usage

RAM Monitor Gadget was reviewed by Elena Opris

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