Company begins new campaign called “Unswitchables”

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Google Pixel 3
   Google Pixel 3

Google has started a new advertising campaign for the Pixel 3 called “Unswitchables,” and the company’s main purpose is to show users that it’s actually easy to give up on an iPhone and move to its new phone.

Despite Google not mentioning Apple or iPhone even once, it’s pretty clear that the goal is to encourage more iPhone users to make the jump.

One of the ads also shows Google’s very own data migration tool from iOS to Android, and all three are based on motives that define the Apple brand overall.

Most “switchers” who eventually give up on their phones for a Pixel 3 claim they didn’t consider getting a model because they were too busy, too committed to messaging platforms like iMessage, or just too comfortable with iOS.

In all three cases, which are highlighted in super-long videos that are utterly boring and often awkward, these users obviously end up switching to the Pixel 3 after discovering its feature arsenal, including the camera.

Google Pixel 3 may be worth the switch

If these ads have any chance to consider iPhone users to switch to Pixel remains to be seen, but if we were to joke, we’d say the transition from one to another shouldn’t be too difficult given Google’s phone now features a notch and an iPhone-like navigation system.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt that the Pixel does excel in some regards, including in the camera department where it comes with features that you won’t find elsewhere. The Night Sight mode, which provides stunning photos in the dark, is exclusive to Pixel, despite the camera app now being ported by the developer community to other Android devices too.

You can watch all the three ads below and let us know what you think about them in the box right after the videos.

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