Apple lets carriers offer discounts for iPhone XR

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iPhone XR
   iPhone XR

If you were thinking that all reports pointing to slow 2018 iPhone sales weren’t true, here’s pretty much the first indirect confirmation coming from Apple.

iPhone XR is being offered with a price cut of as much as $100 when it is purchased with a 24-month contract from NTT Docomo in Japan.

Rumors of a potential discount that Apple may offer to certain carriers in Japan made the rounds earlier this month, and the reasons behind this alleged change of strategy were said to be the slow sales that the new iPhones experience in the market.

And as it turns out, Apple didn’t want to waste any time, so beginning this week, customers of the iPhone XR can save up to $100 when getting an iPhone XR.

As reported by 9to5mac, when equipped with 64GB storage, iPhone XR can now be purchased with a monthly payment of 7000 yen ($62) from NTT Docomo, and other carriers are very likely to follow in their rival’s footsteps in the coming days.

Not available elsewhere

On the other hand, it’s very important to know that this discount doesn’t make the iPhone XR cheaper when purchased unlocked from a different retailer. The price of the device doesn’t change unless you get it with a 24-month contract.

Furthermore, there is no indication that Apple is preparing similar offers in other markets across the world, so for now, only Japan’s getting the discount. However, this is something that should happen elsewhere too, as sales of the iPhone XR are said to be well below expectations pretty much all over the world.

In addition to the price cut, Apple is also said to be pondering bringing back the iPhone X to the market, after the device was previously retired in September. iPhone X could be re-released at a lower price, thus reigniting interest in iPhones.

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